Friday, January 9, 2009

Congruency - the Big Secret Revealed

The secret to all change is that is must be congruent. Simply stated, it means that if you try to make a change that is inconsistent with your goals, priorities and values (incongruent) it has no chance.

From a time management point of view, this means that the targets you set for yourself must be in line with what you really want.

For many people this is their real problem. It is not, how to manage your time, but what you are managing your time for.

So before you get to making your to-do list, take a look at your goals.

First, get a few sheets of paper (you can use a computer if you want).

Head the first page "Five Years".

Give yourself 15 minutes, no more. Write a list of what you want to
have done within five years.

Don't write the little stuff, the things that need to be done by Friday, write your big goals.
Be bold.
Be honest.

No-one else is ever going to see this list. It's not a test that anyone else will be judging. It is for you.

Head the second page "Three Years".

Again, in 15 minutes, write down what you want to achieve within three years.

Remember, this list is for you alone, the aim to identify what you really want. If what you are writing isn't true, if it isn't what you really want, then THERE is your time management problem. You are making lists of things you don't want.

You can make another list for "One Year" if you wish.

Make a list for "Six months"

Have an honest look at your lists, compare them.

Is what you are trying to do going to get you what you really want?


Then you're ready for the next step.


Little wonder if you feel out of control.

Now is the time to take a thoughtful look at your lists. If you do achieve all the things on the lists by the end of five years, will you be the person you want to be?

Can you imagine the person you want to be in five years?

This is goal-setting. Once you have clarified your goals and have a set of lists that are congruent with your true values and desires, you are ready for the next step.

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